Hi, I'm Jeannie Skirpan
I am a Photographer, Content Creator and Marketing Strategist in Metro Detroit. I started taking photography classes in high school and then went on to receive my degree in Photographic Technologies. 
I love capturing and enhancing the often overlooked aesthetics that we see everyday and being able to really showcase my subject. I have worked with natural and studio lighting and film and digital cameras. Stylizing and shooting product photography is one of my specialties. I also have experience photographing everything from portraits, lifestyle shoots, real estate and nature. 
I am a video creator and editor for brands as as well as creating my own YouTube videos. I create logo designs and design other graphic material. I also have experience with motions graphics and digital drawings.
I continue to delve deeper into the creative world and improve my craft everyday. Currently, I work as a content creator and marketing manager for a manufacturing company.
I am available for work! Feel free to contact me and view my work at the links below!